Friday, May 18, 2018

Magma Chamber

For those of you visiting, and maybe wondering what is going on with the Haysmers -- no, we have not fallen into the magma chamber that opened only a few days ago spewing lava and cinder. You have probably already seen images on your favorite viewing devices. As we described in previous blogs, we are being treated with true aloha-spirit, housed comfortably with our four corgi dogs a few miles away from what once was our home in Leilani Estates on the Big Island.

What you may not have seen is the beautiful piece that Phil created for the state-wide, juried June exhibit at the Wailoa Center in Hilo. We received notice of his acceptance just a few days after our sudden evacuation, and had to notify the coordinators that, sadly, Pele had already claimed possession.

We received a surprisingly kind response from HIAA (Hawai'i Island Art Alliance) Board that they wanted (with Phil's permission) to enter his piece anyway -- offering to print and frame the piece on his behalf. With tears in our eyes, we said "yes." We thought those of you visiting our blog would enjoy seeing what the actual piece looked like before it became Pele's offering. As for "offerings" we thank all of the many that are coming our way -- each one precious -- each one gratefully received. As we can, we will be sending out more individual "thank yous" to each of you.

Phil was also recently interviewed by our previous Eureka home publications Times-Standard and the Northcoast Journal. He was also amazed that the Lansing State Journal in Michigan where he spent many years also called for an interview. It was there that he received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Michigan State University and taught sculpture at Lansing Community College for a short time.

If you would like to, there are links below to those articles.

Times-Standard (Eureka CA)
Lansing State Journal (Michigan)
Northcoast Journal (Humboldt County)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

All Things Being Equal

Lunel has begun a new journal 
For all our friends and ohana family who are checking in periodically there are just a few things to know about our current situation.

1. Our new family and place where we are staying is safe and comfortable and beyond generous.
2. The internet connection for anything is extremely sporadic so communication may be slow
3. We are both finding ways to "feel normal" without all the things that used to fill those roles.

Evening meal with our new family and old neighbors
(from bottom)
All Things Being Equal
And Change Inevitable
I Choose to Be Her Now!
Years ago, during a major life growth/adjustment/change at age 60, I got my first tattoo -- a symbol that kept coming through in my dreams and art. Since then I have used it on all my art. For me it is represents one of my basic core beliefs: Joy and Sorrow - Life and Death - Light and Dark all are not only necessary elements to existence but also equal.

New family building on just for us!! That's aloha!
And so it is in the be-here-now moment, or as we say here "Be Here Na'au." The loss feels overwhelming and unbearable and yet, somehow it also feels equal to the generous aloha-spirit that is being extended to us. And, that is equal to our discomfort at asking for help or even receiving it. The photos on our previous blog show the destruction and these represent how we are processing the pain and receiving the aloha as we find our way into an unknown future.

Especially to those who have made any kind of contribution we say MAHALO!! our difficulty getting on-line or even staying connected to say "thank you" makes responding a challenge.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Way We Were

Well, if you remember THAT song, you probably recall the way it began...
"Memories...light the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories...of the way we were"

Unfortunately, these memories are not very watercolor-like but more like angry Vincent-memories. From reports, our Luana street was #7 of the big fissures opening. Ironically, Lunel was in ICU at Hilo Hospital at the time because 12 hours prior she had a seizure and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. Phil did the best he could loading up 4 dogs and 7 bags of clothes and one fat emergency envelop, but under emergency evacuation and without his 'office manager' missed some important things.

Looks like our friends across the street had a PUKA (hole) in their front yard that was about 50 feet deep that may have been the opening. Anyway the initial outburst was powerful and the flow so strong, it filled the lower lot next to us and must have even moved upward on it's own front to reach our house; however, we saw that very thing happen in 2014 when the flow nearly cut Pahoa in half.

Well, the above photo is where we would have been ignoring the mandatory evacuation. And, here's where we are now around a lovely table with other refugees in a true aloha home. We will continue to let you know where and how we are, but today we are safe and comfortable and on our way to a better diagnosis of Lunel's health.

Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers -- and understanding if we don't get back to you. (Please remember we are not facebookers or tweeters.)  In addition to repairs for Lunel, we have issues with our Versa and reconstructing a bunch of missing contacts, passwords, and other essential documents that were left in such an emergency.

Astra at Many Hands Gallery in Eureka has set up a Go-Fund-Me account for those who may want to help in that way: Go Fund Account

Aloha NUI LOA!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lava Update

Here's the local lava news from today, Sunday, May 6th.

Here's a LINK what it looked like on Luana where lava took our house

We just got conformation from two people that our house and everything in it was destroyed. All this happened while Lunel was in the hospital, so Phil grabbed a few bags, loaded them in the car and left for safety. We are gathered with other neighbors who are in the same situation, giving thanks for all we do have.

(It was one thing to cut all we owned in half to make the move here; it is quit another to acknowledge your possessions now fit into seven grocery bags.)

Mahalo to everyone who has contacted us and for understanding if we don't reply immediately.

We have spent our entire 32 years together creating -- we don't plan to stop now -- it may just take a while and we may go at a slower pace. We also thought this would be our last big adventure --but now that we own a one acre lot of pahoehoe, looks like we are due for yet another one.

Losing the art we have both made and collected along with journals, photographs, books and tools will be the hardest.  In the meantime, we have each other and our dog-kids and an awesome community of neighbors and friends.

Living with Pele PS

Aloha Friends

Below is the message we sent yesterday to a group of friends, but now there is a PS: This morning at 5am there was a big outbreak explosion on property next to us. The folks that live behind us just email that their house is gone, so we must assume that ours is as well. We do have a friend with a drone who has remained in the most remote section of our division and we have asked him to confirm this loss. Until we see that it is gone there is no way to get our heads or hearts around this new reality; then again, how to do so knowing the reality will not be easy either.  Anyway, thanks for checking in and understanding that responding to everyone's inquiries may be just be impossible right now. For obvious reasons we are not including photos -- you can google that if you want to see.

Here's what we sent yesterday:

Please forgive the “group reply” but we just can’t respond to all the supportive and encouraging messages we have received from so many people in this complicated situation.

Lunel just got out of the hospital because she had a seizure on Wednesday and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. She was in ICU for overnight and is now on three meds and is still not up to par but improving. The MRI machine was broken at the hospital, where, other than that, we were extremely impressed with the staff and her treatment. She sees her doctor on Monday and will get an MRI as soon as we can.

While she was there, if you follow island news, we had a volcanic incident right near us, enough that our whole subdivision was evacuated. Because of connections with our ohana here, we are now staying with a family who has graciously opened their large home to several of us – us with DOGS that is. So, now there is a total of 7 people and 7 dogs! While Lunel was in the hospital Phil did a good job of shuffling a few critical things into the car, but of course a few really important things got forgotten with all that was going on at the same time.

Amazingly enough, we have managed to replace most of the most extremely important things one way or another. Because Lunel was wearing only a shift (that is really ONLY) she was rushed to the hospital wearing only that!  She was due for cataract surgery, but the bifocals didn’t go with her, but a friend staying with this family had an extra pair that will work temporarily. From the hospital we went directly to Target for underwear and “slippas” and no glasses to see, but the staff there was so kind and helpful we left with most all we needed because we could not go back to our house because of the danger of fumes mostly.

There is an outbreak of lava one block over from us – who knows what direction/s it will go. We are all praying it follows underground existing tubes back out to the ocean, but no one knows. Tomorrow, some Leilani residents may be able to go back briefly to collect critical things, but again, conditions are very volatile and all the agencies are more concerned about the people being safe.

Lunel had an amazing dream: In it lava was flowing down the pali and one of our neighbors who is a mason, was helping build a wall to direct the flow (which of course is impossible.) There was a whole crew there including D9’s but they were all working with the lava not just trying to control it. At the front of the flow large diamonds were being spewed out, and in Lunel’s dream she was going up and picking up diamonds the size of her hand. So, as us, as friends and neighbors, sat around the dinner table tonight, we tried to focus on what diamonds we had already discovered – like the helpful woman at Target, or the neighbors who were opening their homes to refugees, or the people who were rescuing animals.

We don’t know what is next, but if you want to follow the event – just google Pahoa Lava or Leilani Lava to get photos and updates. We’ll try to send another email in a few days once we know more. Mahalo for all your love, prayers and support. We have a bed to sleep in, a pot to pee in, each other, our four dogs, and the amazing friendships and aloha we are experiencing during this traumatic experience.

Aloha and Mahalo
Phil and Lunel


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Earthquakes in Puna

Last two days we have had nearly non-stop seismic activity, and by that I do mean "non-stop" as the attached Hawaii Volcano Observatory map shows. But Phil has a very accurate earthquake monitoring system that registers AUDIBLE earthquake activity!

Phil's marble collection registers every small quake
The reason for all this activity is that there has been a collapse of part of the structure of the Pu'u O'o vent where lava has been flowing from Kilauea for over 30 years. All of a sudden, because of this collapse, lava has stopped flowing from this location....which means it is going somewhere new!! And, at this point, no one is able to predict just where all that molten lava will be coming out next -- but it will eventually.

So, living on the edge of this living land means that rather than watching the latest ridiculous T-Tweet, all of us Punatics are following reports by HVO, and fly-overs of the area. We have a very active Civil Defense network that keeps us all advised of changes in the situation like the message below.

In the meantime, life goes on -- Phil is making sawdust and I am headed out to the garden for a little weeding.

 This is a Civil Defense message for Tuesday afternoon, May 1, 2018 at 4.
The Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory reports increased shallow earthquake activity for Kilauea Volcano below Pu’u O’o in Puna District.
This means an outbreak of lava in a new location could occur. While it is not possible to predict where an outbreak could occur, the area east of Pu’u O’o is a possible location.
Due to the increased seismic activity, the following are issued:
  • Department of Parks and Recreation has shut down the lava viewing area in Kalapana due to the proximity to the increased hazardous activity.
  • Lower Puna area residents are advised to stay informed by listening to the radio, Civil Defense text alerts and social media sites.
  • For up to date scientific information, go to active links on our Civil Defense website and the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website.
Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatories and your Hawaii County Civil Defense will continuing to monitor the situation throughout the night. You will be informed as conditions change. Thank you for listening.
This is your Hawai’i County Civil Defense Agency. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

A Rose By Any Other Name

Close up of "flower"
Bloom is now 7.5 feet high!
Amazing as it may seem, we have a few neighbors here in the Land of Puna (on the Big Island of Hawaii) who do grow roses -- but where we live, with 140+ inches of rain, it ain't easy.

Even in Humboldt County my luck with roses was minimal, so I prefer a different kind of "rose" -- bromeliads!!

CLICK on any photo for a closer look-see.

Pools of water in the center -- tiny tiny blossoms
New growth on our Cardboard Palm

"That which we call a rose by any other name..."  Many people will recognize this quote from Shakespeare -- and the "roses" we grow in our garden are somewhat other worldly.

A couple of posts ago we were excited to share some images of blooms we have waited 3-4 years to see, such as our giant bromeliads pictured up at the top.

Here are just a few other photos of some of these strange plants.  No, I don't know most of their official names because many are cuttings shared with us from friends and neighbors.

I have also included a photo of our Cardboard Palm because it too is so unusual and has such gorgeous new growth coming out right now.